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TUPLM37 High Energy Beam Transport Along the 68-m LANSCE 1L Beamline to Optimize Neutron Production target, proton, neutron, storage-ring 446
  • P.K. Roy, E.L. Kerstiens, R.J. Macek, C. Pillai, C.E. Taylor
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
  Funding: *Work supported by the United States Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Agency, under contract DE-AC52-06NA25396.
An 800 MeV 100 µA proton beam is delivered to the Lujan Center, one of five user facilities at the LANSCE linear accelerator center, to generate an intense beam of pulsed neutrons. The Lujan Center beam transport line, known as 1L beamline, is over 68 meters in length, starting from the ROWS01. The beamline is consisted with bending and focusing elements before it reaches the end of the 1L beam optics system, where the beam spot size is nominally 1.5 cm (RMS). The Mark IV target assembly has been designed to optimize the neutron production for the 1L target in the Lujan center to improve the flux and resolution. As part of the safety review of this design, it becomes necessary to know the beam intensity and size on the new target. Using the new measurements of the beamline, calculated beam sizes using the LANL version of the beam envelope code TRANSPORT and CERN code MAD-X are compared. The input beam parameters for the codes were extracted from ORBIT analysis of the proton storage ring beam. Beam envelope measurements were made at various locations throughout the beamline using wire scanners. The predicted beam envelopes and measured data agree within expected errors.
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