Author: Teryaev, V.E.
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WEPLM53 50 kW CW Multi-Beam Klystron 717
  • S.V. Shchelkunov
    Yale University, Beam Physics Laboratory, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
  • J.L. Hirshfield, V.E. Teryaev
    Omega-P, Inc., New Haven, Connecticut, USA
  Funding: Funded by the US Department of Energy; grant DE-SC-0018471.
Main components, which are the electron gun, cavity-chain, magnetic system, and partially- grounded depressed four-stage collector, of a novel klystron were conceptually designed. This klystron is to deliver 50 kW CW at 952.6 MHz and to serve as a microwave power source for ion acceleration at the Electron Ion Collider (EIC) being developed at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. The efficiency is 80%, a number to which the power consumption by the solenoid and filament are already factored in. The tube is a combination of proven technologies put together: it uses multiple beams to have its perveance low to boost beam-power to RF-power efficiency. It uses a partially grounded depressed collector to recover energy thereby increasing the overall efficiency. A low operating voltage of 14kV makes the tube more user-friendly avoiding need for costly modulators and oil insulation. A sectioned solenoid is used to insure superb beam-matching to all components downstream of the electron gun, increasing the tube performances. Details of the components designs will be presented.
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