Author: Power, J.F.
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WEYBA5 Diamond Field Emitter Array Cathode Experimental Tests in RF Gun 618
  • K.E. Nichols, H.L. Andrews, D. Kim, E.I. Simakov
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
  • S.P. Antipov
    Euclid Beamlabs LLC, Bolingbrook, USA
  • G. Chen
    IIT, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • M.E. Conde, D.S. Doran, G. Ha, W. Liu, J.F. Power, J.H. Shao, C. Whiteford, E.E. Wisniewski
    ANL, Lemont, Illinois, USA
  Funding: LANL/LDRD
Diamond Field Emitter Array (DFEA) cathodes are arbitrarily shaped arrays of sharp (~50 nm tip size) nano-diamond pyramids with bases on the order of 3 to 25 microns and pitches 5 microns and greater. These cathodes have demonstrated very high bunch charge in tests at the L-band RF gun at the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) Advanced Cathode Test Stand (ACTS). Intrinsically shaped electron beams have a variety of applications, but primarily to achieve high transformer ratios for Dielectric Wakefield Accelerators (DWA) when used in conjunction with Emittance Exchange (EEX) systems. Here we will present results from a number of recent cathode tests including bunch charge and YAG images. We have demonstrated shaped beam transport down the 2.54-meter beamline. In addition we will present emission simulations that demonstrate shielding effects for this geometry.
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