Author: Geddes, C.G.R.
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Precision Plasma Based Acceleration Towards New Photon and Ion Sources, and Future Particle Colliders  
  • C.G.R. Geddes
    LBNL, Berkeley, California, USA
  Ultrashort pulse lasers enable resonant excitation of plasma waves, efficiently driving structures that can accelerate particles at rates of in the range of a GeV per centimeter. Guiding of such lasers in plasma structures formed by laser heating, capillary discharges and most recently by combining these two techniques has extended the depth of interaction from millimeter to tens of centimeter scale. This has enabled generation of narrow energy spread beams initially at the 0.1 GeV scale through recent results up to 7.8 GeV. Experiments have combined two stages at low energies and staging at multi-GeV energies is being prepared, laying the foundation for future systems to extend the reach of high energy particle physics. At the GeV energy scale, compact electron beams are being used to develop novel compact photon sources including free electron lasers, and MeV photons from Thomson scattering. These have the potential to bring the power of large scientific light sources, including reduced dose and increased resolution, to applications from nuclear nonproliferation to medicine.  
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