Author: Garland, M.A.
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Department of Energy Isotope Program Accelerator Production of Isotopes  
  • M.A. Garland
    DOE/NP, Germantown, USA
  The United States Department of Energy’s Isotope Program (DOE IP) produces radioactive and enriched stable isotopes that are in short supply to meet the nation’s needs for research and for commercial and national security applications. DOE has more than twenty-one laboratories, many with nuclear reactors, particle accelerators, and processing facilities useful for the production of isotopes. This talk will focus on the DOE IP’s accelerator production facilities, presenting descriptions of the facilities, the isotopes they produce and their applications. An overview of the science of accelerator production methods will be also be provided. Isotope production is accomplished using proton accelerators at the Brookhaven and Los Alamos National Laboratories, electron accelerators at the Argonne National Laboratory and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, and a multi-particle cyclotron at the University of Washington. The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, under construction at Michigan State University, will harvest large quantities of many rare isotopes to support scientific research and applications.  
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