Author: Chase, B.E.
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WEZBA6 A 100 kW 1.3 GHz Magnetron System with Amplitude and Phase Control 656
  • M.E. Read, T. Bui, G. Collins, R.L. Ives
    CCR, San Mateo, California, USA
  • B.E. Chase, J. Reid
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois, USA
  • J.R. Conant, C.M. Walker
    CPI, Beverley, Massachusetts, USA
  Funding: United States Department of Energy Grant No. DE-SC0011229.
Calabazas Creek Research, Inc., Fermilab, and Communications & Power Industries, LLC, developed a 100 kW peak, 10 kW average, 1.3 GHz, magnetron-based, RF system for driving accelerators. Efficiency varied between 81% and 87%. Phase locking uses a novel approach that provides fast amplitude and phase control when coupled into a superconducting accelerator cavity [1]. The system was successfully tested at Fermilab and produced 100 kW in 1.5 ms pulses at a repetition rate of 2 pps. A locking bandwidth of 0.9 MHz was achieved with a drive signal of 269 W injected through a 4 port circulator. The phase locking signal was 25 dB below the magnetron output power. The spectrum of the phase locked magnetron was suitable for driving accelerator cavities. Phase modulation was demonstrated to 50 kHz (the limit of the available driver source). The average power was limited by available conditioning time. Scaling indicates 42 kW of average power should be achievable. Estimated cost is less than $1/Watt of delivered RF power, exclusive of power supplies or modulators. System design and performance measurements will be presented.
[1] B. Chase, R. Pasquinelli, E. Cullerton, P. Varghese, "Precision Vector Control of a Superconducting RF Cavity driven by an Injection Locked Magnetron," Jou. of Instrumentation, Vol. 10 March 2015.
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