Author: Bae, J.
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MOPLH17 Enhanced Robustness of GaAs-Based Photocathodes Activation by Cs, Sb, and O2 210
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  • J. Bae, L. Cultrera, A. Galdi, F. Ikponmwen
    Cornell University (CLASSE), Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-Based Sciences and Education, Ithaca, New York, USA
  • I.V. Bazarov, J.M. Maxson
    Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA
  Funding: This work is funded by Department of Energy: DE-SC0016203.
Operational lifetime of GaAs photocathodes is the primary limit for applications as high current spin polarized electron sources in future nuclear physics facilities, such as Electron Ion Collider. Recently, ultrathin Cs2Te on GaAs has shown a successful negative electron affinity (NEA) activation with an improved lifetime by a factor of 5 *. In this work, we report activation of GaAs with Cs, Sb and oxygen. Four different methods of introducing oxygen during the growth was investigated. Cs-Sb-O activated GaAs has shown up to a factor of 40 and 13 improvement in charge extraction lifetime and dark lifetime, respectively.
* Bae, et al. (2018). Rugged spin-polarized electron sources based on negative electron affinity GaAs photocathode with robust Cs2Te coating. Applied Physics Letters, 112(15), 154101.
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